Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Does West Suburban Limousine track my flights for delays?

Yes, as long as your flight number stays the same we can track it for any delays. If for some reason your flight number changes please give us a call so we can track your new flight.

Do you accept checks?

Yes.  We only accept in-state checks.

What types of credit cards do you accept?

Yes.  We accept all major credit cards: Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Visa.

Can I pre-pay over the phone?

Yes.  You must pre-pay over the phone and can include gratuity as well, or you may take care of the gratuity in the vehicle.

Do all weddings have to be booked as charters?

Yes.  All weddings have to be booked as charters. For rates please contact our Special Events coordinator at 630-668-9600 Ext. 246.

Do you have a lost and found department?

Yes.  We do have a lost and found department, please contact us at 630-668-9600 Ext. 6

Do you have car seats available?

No.  West Suburban Limousine does not provide car seats, but our vehicles are equipped with the proper seat belts, so please feel free to bring your own.

Do your rates vary based on the time of day?

Our rates stay the same seven days a week providing you are traveling with in our normal business hours which are between 4:00 AM – 11:00 PM. There are additional fees for traveling outside of these normal business hours.  Please call (630) 668-9600 for additional information.

How much notice do you need to make any changes or cancellations?

We need two hours notice to make any changes or to cancel your reservation.

Does West Suburban Limousine allow companies to do a direct bill?

Yes.  If you have any questions, or if you would like to set up a direct bill for your company, please give our Office Manager a call at 630-668-9600 Ext. 242

***If you have any further questions contact us at (630) 668-9600.***


Accounting Questions

How do I open an account?

We have two types of billing accounts, personal or corporate. You must fill out an application and fax or email it to us for review. Approval may take a few weeks, but we will notify the individual/company upon approval. Contact our office and ask for a charge Request Form to be emailed or faxed. Contact us at (630) 668-9600 and press 6 for the accounting department.

How do I get a duplicate receipt?

Call (630) 668-9600 and press 6 for the accounting department, someone from the department will email or fax you an office receipt for your records.

How do I know who made a reservation for a trip on my invoice?

Call (630) 668-9600 and press 6 for the accounting department, and we will find out who placed the reservation.

Why are the dates on my credit card sometimes different from the dates I traveled?

We process all orders on the next business day.

Why is the amount I was quoted different from the amount I was charged?

Quoted rates are based upon information given at the time the reservation was made. However, additional charges can be incurred due to extra stops, extra luggage etc. If you do not feel that you had any additional services please call or email our accounting department to discuss your charges.

How often do you invoice?

We normally process invoices every two weeks.

Do I need an account to make a reservation?

No, you do not need an account to make a reservation, but we do require a credit card guarantee on some reservations.

Where do I send my payment?

Send all payments to:

West Suburban Limousine
Accounts Receivable
27W291 Geneva Rd. Suite K
Winfield, Illinois 60190

How do I make payments to my billing account?

We have two methods of payment:

  1. First one is to receive an invoice every two weeks and mail in your payment.
  2. Second is to have a credit card automatically charge the full invoice every two weeks. After the card is charged you will receive an invoice marked paid.