Midway Arrival Procedure


Arrival Procedure for your limo service to Midway Airport

Arriving with a limo service to Midway Airport couldn't be more convenient when using West Suburban Limousine. Our unique team consists of a hundred chauffeurs, and are considered to be the most elite within the Chicago market, always ready to bring you to and from your adventure. Whether for business or pleasure, West Suburban Limousine’s collection of luxurios and meticulous vehicles is going to exceed your expectations!


How It Works: Arriving at Midway Internation Airport

Upon arrival at Midway Internation Airport, you will receive a text message from West Suburban Limousine. Once all of your luggage has been gathered, simply use the text prompt by selecting the nearest exit door located at the baggage claim level. Once our dispatch department recieves your text, they will respond with the following information:
-  The plate number to your vehicle.
-  A description of your vehicle.
-  The anticipated wait time for the arrival of your chauffeur.

A Couple of Quick Tips:

First, you will ALWAYS picked-up by West Suburban Limousine on the baggage claim level. The baggage claim level is located downstairs from where you land. Secondly, West Suburban Limousine's vehicles will always enter through the second lane of traffic. When you exit the building, please cross one lane of traffic. Once you are in the second lane of traffic, our vehcile will pull-up as you wait on the center safety island.


Speaking with a Live Dispatcher

A live dispatcher will ALWAYS be available! To speak to a live Midway Airport dispatcher, all you have to do is call us at 1-630-668-9600 (or 1-800-942-LIMO) and hit Prompt 4. Over the phone, the dispatcher will provide specific details and instructions will be provided by the dispatcher will provide specific instructions.  These instruction will include the details of the vehicle, plate number and expected wait time.

We anticipate our chauffeurs to come out of the vehicle and introduce themselves. Each chauffeur is trained to assist with your luggage and help you with getting inside the car, per your specifications. Once you are all settled and comfortable inside the car, our goal is to provide a safe and efficient ride to your destination.


Gratuities are not required and is fully at the consideration of the customer. Just like any other service-related industry, gratuities are an important contribution of the chauffeur’s compensation.  Gratuities can also be a great indicator of a customer's satisfaction.


Adding Gratuity to a Green Pay (PrePay) Order

In addition to adding the gratuity when placing the reservation, you can also elect to wait and add the tip when you have reached your destination. At the end of your ride, a green form will be provided by the chauffeur. Once you recieve this form, simply sign it and add the tip amount.