5 Reasons Why Parking at the Airport is a Bad Idea


Risks of Parking at Ohare Airport and Midway Airport in Chicago Illinois

You’re checked in to your flight out of Midway or O’Hare airport and buckled into the driver’s seat ready to make the trek to the airport. Oh no! Junior borrowed the car last night and now you don’t have enough gas to make the drive, but you definitely don’t have enough time to stop for gas. This is just one of the reasons you should have reserved a Chicago airport car service.

Parking at the airport might seem like a good idea, until you actually do it.

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons Why Airport Parking Is A Bad Idea.

  1. Requires More Time.
    Driving yourself is supposed to be more convenient, but it really requires more time. You need to leave earlier for the airport than if you booked a limo so you have time to park and walk to the airport.
  2. Where are the Spots?
    Should you choose short term, long term or off-site parking? You don’t know until you arrive at the airport whether spots are available. You might need to drive around for quite a while before you find an opening. Do you have time for that?
  3. Exposure to the Elements.
    Now you need to schlep your luggage to the airport. If it’s raining, you’re wet. If it’s hot, you’re sweaty. If it’s cold, you’re, well, cold.
  4. Risk of Vandalism.
    Your very expensive vehicle is now parked for an extended period where anyone walking past can take a peek in your car and see if they have any valuables they want to steal. There are probably surveillance cameras in the parking lot, but it’s unlikely they will catch and up-close image of vandalism in progress. Plus, who know who might back into your car or open the door into your side panel.
  5. Expensive.
    Fees for airport parking are very expensive, especially if you are gone for a few days.
The better option is book private transportation with a professional chauffeur service. You get dependable service, drop off at the door to the airport, assistance with your luggage and a set, reasonable fees for the rides.