West Suburban Limousine Recognized as Market Leader by Leading Industry Publication


West Sub Limo in the July 2017 Issue of Limo Charter and Tour MagazineWe know how hard we work every day at WSL to be the premier transportation service for the Chicagoland area. It’s really nice when the leading publication for our industry, Limousine, Charter & Tour, gets it, too.

In the July 2017 issue, the magazine interviewed leaders from top operators about how their management style contributes to the overall success of their companies.

Our very own John Paraoan, Vice President and Brand Manager of WSL, was asked to share his philosophy about how to motivate employees to want to do their best.

It's All About TRIP

John uses a handy acronym – TRIP – to explain the leadership style that guides WSL: Teamwork, Responsibility, Integrity and Professionalism.

According to John,

“[n]one of us can do it all by ourselves, so my leadership style is to be approachable to our team as well as our customers. There’s no question or issues too big or small they can’t come to us with.”

John also outlines his goals for daily operations in the article. He wants WSL to

“foster a ‘never say no’ attitude among employees.” That translates into empowering drivers and office staff to think in terms of “let’s find out how we can do it. Maybe it’s a no now, but it might be yes in the future.”

Open Door, Open Discussions 

In addition to an open door policy for employees to talk to him, John also encourages WSL employees to

“[discuss] issues with one another and [act] as a team to maintain prestige.”

John’s philosophy is a big part of how we achieve our overall company goal: to be the premier private transportation service for Chicagoland.