Meet Jeff Wlezen: WSL Dispatcher and Human GPS


dispatcher Jeff for limos in the Chicago northwest suburbsAround the WSL office, Jeff Wlezen has earned a few nicknames: DJ (Dispatch Jesus), Human GPS and Walking Rand McNally. His amazing ability to pinpoint where drivers are and provide directions without looking at a map never ceases to amaze his co-workers.

For almost 30 years Jeff has put his gift to work at WSL, first as a driver and now as a dispatcher.

“I have so much information stored in my brain,” said Jeff. “I can tell you what long-time customer is calling just by looking at the phone number on the screen as well as his or her address.”

Jeff’s photographic memory has served him well as he strives to provide the best possible customer service. He says he’s very focused on making sure customers are picked up on time and get to their destinations safely with limo service in Chicago and the northwest suburbs.

“I really believe in the Golden Rule, ‘treat others like you would like to be treated,’” said Jeff. “I thrive on customer service.”

Technology is great, but sometimes GPS can send a driver in the wrong direction or a new subdivision hasn’t made it to mapping software yet. WSL is happy to have Jeff on hand get drivers back on track, especially if time is of the essence when a customer is taking limo service to O’Hare from the northwest suburbs.

WSL Proud

Jeff is one of many WSL employees who have been with the company for more than a quarter century. He attributes his loyalty to the company to the great working environment and people.

“[WSL] is like a second family, I love everybody I work for and all my co-workers, all our drivers,” said Jeff. “More importantly, I have lots of respect for everyone and how they do their jobs.”

When Jeff’s wife was ill last year, he suddenly took on a new role as her caregiver. He says he’s very appreciative to WSL for letting him take time off to take care of her for a few months.

“Without [WSL], I’m not sure I would have gotten through it. My work family pitched in with prayers and lots of support.”

Family Man

When he’s not at WSL, Jeff enjoys spending time with family and doing chores inside and outside the house. He loves getting together with relatives for barbeques and holiday dinners where talk inevitably turn to the old times and memories of playing games in the street as a child in Hillside.

He also has three stepdaughters and is a busy grandpa to their kids.

Jeff says he’s fortunate to have seen every Chicago team win a championship, especially his beloved Cubs.

Looking Forward

Jeff has no plans to leave WSL any time soon. He loves the feeling at the end of his shift when he knows he’s made every customer happy.

“West Suburban is the best, always is and always will be,” he said.

WSL feels the same way about Jeff!