Making Sure Your Travel and Transportation is Stress Free


Our 6 Tips to make your Travel and Transportation carefree and safeTop 6 Tips for Booking Private Transportation

Booking private transportation means there’s some travel in your near future.  Here’s WSL’s top 6 tips when reserving a car service to make sure the travel and transportation for your trip is carefree and safe.

1. Plan Ahead – Have a special event coming up? Book well in advance so you get the reservation time and car that you want. Do you have stops you want to make a long the way? Let the service know in advance when making your reservation so they can accommodate your request.

2. Assess Your Luggage – Private transportation services generally have a fleet of cars that include different models. Trunk space can vary significantly. If you know you’re going to bring a lot of suitcases, it’s best to call ahead and make sure you reserve a car that can hold all your passengers and luggage. For example, stretch limos are great for transporting lots of people, but have limited trunk space. For safety reasons, luggage can’t be placed in the passenger area of a limo.

3. Safety First – Before your book, make sure the service you’ve selected has proper licenses and insurance. If they can’t prove their credentials, it’s time to move on for your own safety.

4. Flight Delays – Find out if the service you’re booking can track your flight number for delays. That way, they can make adjustments to your
reservation if needed so you know a car will be waiting for you when you land.

5. Payment Options – Find out what payment options are accepted before you finalize the reservation. You don’t want to run into an issue at the end of the ride.

6. Car Seats – Traveling with a small child? It’s important to know if the car service can safely accommodate your car seat before departing.