examining and comparing traditional hotels and airbnbs

Some of the best travel apps make it easy to find great accommodations at your next travel destination. Should you choose a hotel or book a few nights at an Airbnb? There are pros and cons to both options. Making the right decision can be the difference between an awesome experience or a ruined trip.



  • Usually owned by a chain that provides standardized service and offers rewards programs.
  • Daily housekeeping services to clean your bathroom, make the bed and take out the trash.
  • On-site staff to call if you have trouble with wi-fi, HVAC system or other amenities.
  • Access to restaurants and room service.


  • Thin walls can let noise from the neighbors seep through.
  • Lack of space to spread out to watch TV or invite guests to your room.
  • Meals and snacks can have a steep mark-up



  • Get a homey atmosphere with lots of room to spread out, which is a great option if you need to spend more time at the house or apartment.
  • Prices are generally lower than hotels.
  • Access to a kitchen to prepare meals and snacks when you’re hungry.


  • Lack of personal services or immediate service if you run into a problem.
  • You are staying in someone’s personal home and the décor and amenities may not match the photos and description on the website.
  • There are fewer assurances for security and you may not be familiar with the reputation of the neighborhood.
  • May not be able to cancel at the last minute if plans change.

No matter what your travel and transportation needs, it’s always a good idea to do some research before reserving accommodations. Read reviews on the travel app sites and websites to make informed decisions.

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